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IncBio will be present at the 12th National Biodiesel Conference & Expo

Porto, Portugal – December 11th, 2014: IncBio will be present at the 12th National Biodiesel Conference & Expo in Fort Worth, Texas, taking place between the 19th and 22nd of January 2015. We will be showcasing our many innovations in the Biodiesel industry, that are helping plant owners to successfully develop profitable state-of-the-art plants, or bring older plants back up to profitability. Visit us at booth 817...
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IncBio Announces New Headquarters to Accommodate Growth

Porto, Portugal – November 4th, 2014: IncBio, today announced that it has secured new offices in Maia, Portugal, a move to accommodate growth. IncBio expects the move to be complete during 1st quarter 2015. IncBio's new location has an office space over 1.400 square meters / 15.000 square feet and an industrial manufacturing warehouse with
3.200 square meters / 34.500 square feet, located in a land plot of...
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IncBio has received a firm order to supply an 8,000MT/year Biodiesel Plant for Greece

Porto, Portugal and Corinth, Greece – September 22nd 2014: IncBio, has signed a contract with SPA Renewables S.A, to supply an 8,000MT per year biodiesel plant, to be installed in Corinth, Greece. This plant will use IncBio’s ultrasonic reactors to produce EN14214 biodiesel from Used Cooking Oil (UCO), collected locally.
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IncBio will be sponsoring the Biofuels International Conference

Porto, Portugal – August 13th, 2014: IncBio, will be present as a sponsor of the 7th Biofuels International Conference to be held at The Marriott Hotel, Ghent, Belgium 23-25 September 2014. As experts in the field of biodiesel production plants, IncBio will also be giving a speech on retrofitting of existing biodiesel plants to regain or maximize profitability, sharing our knowledge and experience in this field with...
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IncBio has delivered a 120,000MT/year Ultrasonic Reactor for South America

Porto, Portugal – June 16th 2014: IncBio, has delivered a 120,000MT per year ultrasonic transesterification reactor to be installed in South America. The reactor will be used in an existing plant originally supplied by one of the largest biodiesel plant manufacturers in the world, but due to the outdated designed the plant was producing very inefficiently, the addition of IncBio’s ultrasonic reactor will very significantly...
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IncBio has delivered an 8,000MT/year Biodiesel Plant for Tunisia

Porto, Portugal and Tunis, Tunisia – April 16th 2014: Incbio, has delivered an 8,000MT per year Biodiesel plant to Biokast Energy S.A., to be installed in Tunis, Tunisia. Due to its skidded construction, the plant is fully built previous to shipping, and requires minimal assembly on site, taking usually less than a week from arrival to start up. This minimizes installation costs and delays, and allows the company to quickly...
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